The People of Berger’s Herdmasters

 Loren and Peggy Berger

 Tyrell, Deandra & Aiden

Bergers’ Herdmasters was founded by and is owned by Loren and Peggy Berger. Loren graduated from KSU with a Master’s degree in Animal Science and has built the ranch to what it is today from very humble beginnings. He was one of the first to recognize the value of the Sim-Angus composite and offer it to commercial cattlemen as an alternative to straight bred bulls to simplify a breeding program and still capture the value of Heterosis. He is active within his church, numerous cattlemen organizations, and enjoys family and his 9 grandchildren.

Tyrell Rousey has assumed the title of Manager and has been with the operation for over 13 years. He lives and breathes cattle and has in-depth knowledge of the cowherd and bull offering. Involved in all aspects of the ranch he also runs his own cowherd and offers bulls through the sale as one of the cooperators. Feel free to contact him with questions regarding the sale cattle. He is married to Deandra and has a son named Aiden and a daughter named Tinley.

We consider you, our bull customers, as part of our operation. Customer service ranks very high on our priority list and we wish to be on a first name basis with you. We hope to see you around town or at Cattlemen events and make it a point to give you a phone call to discuss how past purchases are working out and your possible future needs. We stand behind our bulls 100% and value your input and suggestions. Our success depends upon yours so the exchange of thoughts, ideas, and management practices pertinent to the direction of our industry is beneficial to all parties involved.

  • "We consider you, our bull customers,
      as part of our operation"

The Cowherd

The Berger cowherd (approx. 350 head) consists of an even mix of both red and black hided cattle, all of which are varying percentages of Simmental and Angus genetics. It is a closed cowherd with no outside females being added to the herd. All cows are enrolled in the THE program (Total Herd Enrollment) with American Simmental Association.

Special emphasis is being placed on producing moderate sized females with fleshing ability, good udder quality, excellent dispositions, and end product value. Fertility is a high priority and selected for using a short calving season and the culling of late calving females within that short calving season. Added value is placed upon API (ALL Purpose Index).

Cattle are expected to graze Sandhill pasture through the late spring, summer, and early fall. Late fall and winter months cattle graze corn stalk residues. When calving begins cows are returned to the ranch and supplemented with various feed stuffs depending on cost and availability.

Calving season begins in late January for the first calf heifers and mid-February for the mature cowherd. Ideally cows calve outside but given our early calving season cold weather and snow can become a factor so a portion of our cows do go through the calving barn.

Yearling heifers are bred to start calving 21 days prior to the mature cowherd and are synchronized using a 14 day CIDR protocol. They are given 2 chances to conceive AI with no bull exposure. Females failing to conceive are sent to town as feeder cattle.

The entire mature cowherd is synchronized using the Select Synch + CIDR & TAI program and given at least 1 chance to conceive AI. Immediately following AI cleanup bulls are turned in for a 45 day breeding season. All females failing to conceive within this breeding season are culled.

Weaning takes place approximately September 1st depending upon weather conditions and calves are weaned using a 2 phase system. The first phase involves the application of a nose tab which prevents the calf from sucking. The second phase happens 5-6 days later and involves the removal of the nose tab and physical separation of the cow and calf. It is a very effective and low stress method of weaning calves.

  • "We stand behind our bulls 100% and guarantee them through the first breeding season"

The Bulls

We stand behind our bulls 100% and guarantee them through the first breeding season. If a problem arises we will make it right!

We market our bulls through our sale held the second Saturday in February each year with a few bulls sold private treaty later in the spring. Bulls will be fed here at the ranch until April first and delivered to you free of charge.

Our bull caves are not creep fed. By not creep feeding our bull calves it gives us a more honest depiction of a cow’s ability to naturally wean a high percentage of her body weight and the true genetic potential of the calf for pre-weaning growth. Additionally we feel it is better for the long term longevity of the animal in the breeding pasture.

We do enlist the help of cooperator herds to supply of portion of the bulls that we offer. The 150 bulls that are offered through the sale ring actually represent the top sort of approximately 1000 cows. This actually enables us to offer tremendous depth of quality and a set of bulls that rank well above the average for phenotype, performance and genetic merit.

The bulls are developed here on the ranch with their longevity and breeding soundness a top priority. Over fat bulls melt away in the breeding pasture and bulls with foot problems don’t get cows pregnant so we strive to develop bulls so they are ready to go to work when they leave the ranch


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