Featured Past-Sale Bulls

665E-Sired by KCF Bennett Homestead

API: 161.1 TI: 83.3

78E- Sired by GDAR Leupold 298

API: 145.6 TI: 75.0

603E- Sired by Brown JYJ Redemption

API: 147.9 TI: 81.7

663E- Sired by KM Broken Bow

API: 163.8 TI: 90.9

815E- Sired by Leachman Cadillac

API: 123.8 TI: 71.3

76E- Sired by Rousey Gold Strike

API: 132.8 TI: 79.5

2035D- Sired by Leachman Cadillac

API: 132.9 TI: 68.2

852D- Sired by SAV Angus Acres

API: 163.7 TI: 78.9

2004D- Sired by Leachman Cadillac

API: 144.7 TI: 71.5

176XD- Sired by Leachman Prophet

API: 129.3 TI: 71.9

130D- Sired by Leachman Prophet

API: 151.8 TI: 82.1

0103D- Sired by Leachman Deniro

API: 120.4 TI: 64.1

1103D- Sired By Leachman Cadillac

API: 114.2 TI: 70.0

822D- Sired by Connealy Black Granite

API: 175.6 TI: 86.1

502D- Sired by Schuler Rebel

API: 157.1 TI: 81.5

933C- Sired By Hooks Trinity

API:143 TI:73

116C- Sired by Hooks Trinity

API:159 TI:80

104C- Sired by Hook’s Trinity

API:175 TI:87

512C- Sired by Hook’s Trinity

API:157 TI:82

568C- Sired by W/C Bullseye

API:131 TI:69

3078RC- Sired by Major Profit

API:149 TI:84

51C- Sired by Barstow Cash

API: 135 TI: 74

2092RC- Sired by LCOC Cadillac

API:139 TI:84

131C- Sired by KCF Bennett Absolute

API:164 TI:85

611C- Sired by Red SSS Oly 554T

API:154 TI:79

0105RC- Sired by Hook’s Trinity

API:156 TI:78

654C- Sired by KCF Bennett Absolute

API:174 TI:91

556C- Sired by Soo Line Motive

API:153 TI:78

152RC- Sired by HXC Cannon Ball

API:121 TI:72

523C- Sired by Soo Line Motive

API:157 TI:79

312AC- Sired by Leachman Yosemite

API:123 TI:74

819C- Sired by KCF Bennett Absolute

API:158 TI:83

1128RC- Sired by Leachman Big Gene

API:109 TI:64

862C- Sired by Coleman Charlo

API:153 TI:80

203C-Sired by Hook’s Trinity

API:164 TI:78

166RC- Sired by Hook’s Trinity

API:139 TI:80

Beef King Son

Final Answer Son

Bismarck Son

Trinity Son

Boxed Beef Son

Country Wide son

Traveler 6807 Son

Final Answer Son

Gravity Son

Major Profit son


2018 Sale Details


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Berger's Herdmasters
9339 E. Autogate Rd.
Stapleton, NE. 69163

Loren and Peggy Berger - Owners
Office: 308-532-0939
Cell: 308-520-3836
Tyrell Rousey - Manager