Greetings from Loren and Peggy,

First we trust you had a blessed Thanksgiving and wish you a Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Year.
As we look back and count our many blessings, we realize how fortunate we are. We have had the privilege of providing Herdmaster bulls to some of the very best cattlemen in this region for the past 25 years. The confidence you have demonstrated in our breeding program has been very gratifying and rewarding. The time has now come for us to slow down and turn over the operation to our manager, Tyrell Rousey.

Tyrell is very near the top of our “blessing list”. He started working with us as a summer intern fifteen years ago, finished college and has been with us full time ever since. It is impossible to measure the beneficial impact he has had on our business. His dedication and commitment to raising the very best cattle possible was evident right from the start. He has an excellent eye for cattle and a desire to supply our customers with the genetics that will improve their bottom line.

Consequently it is with great confidence and anticipation that we have leased our ranch and cow herd to Tyrell and Deandra Rousey. The 2019 sale will be the last Berger’s Herdmaster Bull Sale but Tyrell will continue to offer SimAngus bulls starting in 2020 under the new heading of “Rousey SimAngus”. Our role will simply be that of a cooperator and encourager with Tyrell fully in charge of the cowherd and Bull Sale.

We truly thank you for your support over the years,
Loren and Peggy Berger


Dear fellow cattle producers,

It’s certainly a busy time around here! Bull Sale preparation and all that it entails is ramping up. We’ve been completing some small projects while the weather is still favorable. Cows are being moved to meadows and cornstalks, and preparations for the upcoming calving season are being made which really isn’t that far off in our case.

With the Holiday season upon us it’s a great time to pause from our daily grind and think about the many blessing in our life and all that we have to be thankful for. One in particular as Loren has alluded to recently and touched upon in the above letter is the opportunity for Deandra and I to lease the Ranch and cows from Loren and Peggy. I’ve had the privilege to have been with the program for 15 years now and consider Loren and Peggy family. It’s an honor to be entrusted with the ranch, cattle, and program that they have dedicated their life to.

Some who have been aware of the transition have posed the question “What changes are going to be happening?” The answer to that question is not a whole lot in the short term with the exception of the name which will now be “Rousey SimAngus, LLC”. The cow base will be the same that has been responsible for bull sales in the past. We have simply leased Loren’s cows and combined them with the cowherd I have been building over the past 20 years. Rousey SimAngus, LLC will continue to offer both red and black bulls on the second Saturday in February with the first sale on February 8th, 2020. Honesty, Integrity, and Customer Service will remain a staple of our program.

Of course with any changing of the guard there are bound to be some minor changes. We are in the process of developing our website which will outline our program in depth and future mailings will showcase some of the topics and traits that we will place priority on moving forward. Additionally, we would greatly value input from all of you. If there are services we can provide, genetic traits you believe we should focus on, or anything at all, please feel free to share those with us. If you have any questions or concerns as well, we would be happy to address those with you. Our program is nothing without you our customers and we would consider it an honor to have you on board with us as we move forward with this transition.

We look forward to working with you,
Tyrell Rousey and Family


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